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Yes Lawl died, cause hes bad, but we still love him.  However, after filtering through all the BS Deathwing was killed as a guild this week unlike last week where we only had 7 members in the run >.>

Thank you to Lovecrumbs for the screen shot because I fail at taking my own...

So late on the post I know, 5/8 first week good job, and now 7/8 second week and madness next week!  Love you guys, but time to get srs and save Azeroth!!!  NO JOKING AND NO BABY BLIZZARD BEARS IN THE RAID (see konwn issues for Warlord Zon'ozz for more info)


New Raid Times/Days

Proktologist a posted Oct 21, 11
After some schedule changes we decided to move the raid times to Friday-Saturday 1pm-3pm PDT (Server Time).  Were requiring 7/7 or 6/7 if we think you can do Rag; however, we are aiming to do at least Hard Mode Shannox and Rhyolith so it would be nice if apps/guildies would know those fights. Experience is prefered but the video on L2Raid should be enough because, since the nerf, those two fights are pretty simple.

Were also aiming to do some RBGs on the weekends so if you're interested in that, let's be on during the weekends :)

catherinefox That would be nice. The new timing are more suitable for my schedule and it will be more convenient now. http://www.ima...


seraph1337 a posted Aug 11, 11
After much trial and tribulation (including such amazing events as: Korick getting slapped by a target dummy so hard he couldn't take a queue, leaving Pew and I to kill the other team BY OURSELVES; Pew getting a giant mouthful of TSG; and Korick informing us that his Repentance lasts A WHOLE MINUTE), the three of us baddies low-rating arena'd the guild to 25. Go buy your Kor'kron Annihilators and celebrate with a scorpion betwixt your nethers.

Well, no screenshot because I was too busy crying my eyes out over healing Baleroc as a resto druid, but he's dead and we are officially 4/7. Alys and Domo on notice, gogo!
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